Canada 150 (1867-2017) – Strong. Proud. Free

In 2017, Canadians across the country will celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. The Government of Canada invites Canadians to learn more about the major events that have shaped their country’s history and express their pride in everything that Canada represents – a strong, proud and free nation.


Did you know that the three
Maritime Provinces began discussions
about forming a union in 1864?

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Canada 150 - Moments frozen in time ad 60 seconds Video
Sir John A. Macdonald shaking hands with Sir George-Étienne Cartier.

The Conferences That Led to Confederation

Charlottetown Conference delegates standing in front of a building.

The Fathers of Confederation

Flag of Canada

Key Milestones on the Road to 2017

Painting of soldiers in combat and painting of warships coming to shore.

World War Commemorations

A collage of years and images with the text:  What does Canada mean to you?  Share your moment.





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